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15th north American Bengali Conference

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Dr. Kali Pradip Chaudhuri was born into the well known “Chaudhuri – Bari” Zamindar family in sylhet, Eastern nia with his wife, Sunanda, his 13-year old daughter, Samanta, and 10-year old son, Kali Priyo. Both children are excellent students and are role models for their peers.

During his short period of residence in the U.S.A., by any standards, Dr. Chaudhuri has achieved significant success but to his great credit maintains a cery modest attitude, make himself accessible to friends and countrymen and retains great pride in his Bengali Heritage. He does not dwell on his success- far from it. He prefers to maintain a low profile. However, when one realizes that it was only in 1982 that Dr. Chaudhuri achieved his Orthopedic Board Certifications and did not move into his current environment until 1985, one can comprehend the significance of his accomplishments in attaining such prominent position (and success) as Orthopedics surgeon and Heath Care Businessmen, and developer and political adviser, Philanthropist – Both in the U.S.A. and abroad while being admired and respected by his patients and peers, his family and community.

These are qualities that make him a superlative choice for out “Man Of The Year.”

Having elevated to pursue a career in medicine, Dr. Chaudhuri passed his MBBS at the Calcutta National Medical College and then underwent extensive training in Malaysia, Canada and the U.S.A., specializing in Orthopedic surgery. He passed the American Orthopedics Board Certification Examination 1982.

Since that time, Dr. Chaudhuri has been honored with many coveted fellowships including the American academy of Orthopedic surgery, academy of pain management, international college of surgeons, American College of international Physicians and the American College of surgeons.

These academic qualifications were more than matched by this clinical and surgical expertise. To this can be added the respect of his peers and patients that speaks for the ethical, honorable and respectful manner in which Dr. Chaudhuri conducts himself as well as his skills.

On the local level, Dr. Chaudhuri is currently assistant clinical professor of Orthopedics at the world-renowned Loma Linda University. He has been chief of staff and is currently Chief of the Orthopedics department at Hemet Valley Medical Center. He has grown a large practice and has several other Orthopedic Surgeons working for him and continues to grow adding more surgeons resulting in a network covering the Inland Empire of Southern California. Dr. Chaudhuri’s personal practice involves mainly total joint replacements. Patients come from a wide loval area as well as from other parts of California, the U.S.A., and overseas especially England, Canada, The Middle East, India and Bangladesh.

The advent of managed Health Care provided Dr. Chaudhuri with the Opportunity to show his business acumen. In addition to his clinical prowess, he has been a pioneer and leader in meeting the needs of health care reform by organizing his fellow physicians to optimize their performance.

Dr. Chaudhuri is the Co-Founder and Chairman of Orthopedics and spine centers (OSC, Inc.) of America that is establishing a nationwide network of centers of excellence initially in Orthopedic – Operating to the same advance standards of quality care and cost effectiveness. Other than California, Centers are currently active in Alabama Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee and Florida with sites under development in Texas, Kentucky and other states.

In the process of developing a fully integrated healthcare delivery system, Dr. Chaudhuri is a major shareholder in a network of surgery centers and medical office complexes. He is also the Co-Founder and major shareholder of Southland Healthcare – one of the largest physician – owned Health Care providers in Southern California. Dr. Chaudhuri is also in the process of integrating with a major Health Care network which will cover more than 250,000 “Lives” and has contract with more than 250 primary care and 750 specialist physicians, the resulting organizations would be one of the largest physician – owned, physician – operated networks in the entire county.

Dr. Chaudhuri has made a major impact in industries other than Health Care especially Real estate development. He currently owns approximately 2500 acres (commercial and residential) across North America. Even with the downturn in the market his Real Estate assets are (very conservatively) estimated well into 9-figures, with expansion of his interests on the Horizon in view of the ongoing negotiations for Peacock Financial Corp. limited (NASDAQ) to merge with Dr. Chaudhuri’s corporation.

Dr. Chaudhuri has also taken a strong leadership role in the community at large. He has established a multimillion-dollar Charitable Trust Foundation and thousands of dollars (from his own contributions) have already been donated to local schools, Hospitals and community projects. His efforts were in face recognized in the California senate in 1994, honoring Dr. Chaudhuri by a special resolution introduced by senator Kelley.

Dr. Chaudhuri has become increasingly active in the political arena as an officer and a member of several prestigious Republican party organizations on a local and national scale. Indeed, recently, the governor of California, Pete Wilson and his wife visited Dr. Chaudhuri’s residence in Hemet, personally thanked him for his community work and presented him with the Golden Bear of California. Dr. Chaudhuri is currently Co-Convener and Co-Sponsor in riverside county of Mr. Wilson’s current Presidential campaign drive.

Dr. Chaudhuri has not restricted his activity to the U.S.A. His native India has always been a primary focus. Whether it be flood relief or earthquake, Dr. Chaudhuri has always responded immediately in donating his personal time and funds.
He currently has 2 major projects Kali-Ka Prasad Charitable Hospital  - established by Dr. Chaudhuri’s great – grandfather in 1911 in Sylhet, Bangladesh – is still functioning but in nee of modernization. Dr. Chaudhuri is in the process of negotiating with the Bangladesh Government and has extended a commitment of one crores rupees for this purpose.

Dr. Chaudhuri is also committed to establishing a modern Hospital in Calcutta, emphasizing Orthopedics and linked to the OSC network of centers in the United States. For the purpose, he has bought 270 Katas of land in the Eastern bypass area in Calcutta and has received tremendous support from the government in West Bengal – in particular the Honorable Chief Minister.


Dr. Kali P. Chaudhuri propose to establish a modern hospital in Calcutta emphasizing the most advanced delivery of Orthopedic care. It will be linked to the U.S. Network of Centers of excellence being established by Dr. Chaudhuri’s corporation – Orthopedics and Spine Centers, Inc. – and will implement many of the process developed within the network. An advisory council will be established for the project let by Dr. Chaudhuri in conjunction with Dr. Allen Gustafson (Loma Linda University) and Dr. Kenneth Bramlett (Alabama Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Institute) and Health South) both situated in Birmingham, Alabama, in developing models centers for total joint replacement, back school, sport medicine, work medicine and rehabilitation, among others. Besides providing a service to the Indian people, the Calcutta Hospital will also be a flagship for a network of centers to be developed throughout Asia.


Dr. Kali P. Chaudhuri will discuss his partnership with the Swiss company – Protek AG – in the Aim Corporation for pursuing a joint venture in India to manufacture Orthopedics Implants and other products. Protek AG part of the multinational conglomerate sulzer AG, (one of the largest Swiss Corporation) is a world leader in their field with a strong dedications to research and quality. They are committed to a very aggressive strategy for developing dominant market positions in India, China and throughout Asia.


Awareness of India as an attractive region for business development and vacation is growing in the United States. Dr. Kali P. Chaudhuri will present his plans for developing a major Hotel/Recreation resort to attract/accommodate U.S. visitors in particular.


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