Monday, May 4, 2015

Kali Chaudhuri and The KPC Group host Brian Calle from the Press Enterprise

Hemet, CA (April 20, 2015) –

Kali Chaudhuri and The KPC Group host Brian Calle, Opinion Editor for the Orange County Register and the Press Enterprise. Kali Chaudhuri is a noted surgeon, Lifetime Time Achievement Award recipient, and active CEO of the KPC group. Brian Calle is a columnist, writer, and popular blogger. Brian writes for the Institute of University of Southern California and makes numerous appearances on networks, such as Forbes, Fox News, and the Drudge Report. The KPC Group is a worldwide company engaged in numerous businesses serving diverse industries such as healthcare services and facilities, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, education, infrastructure development, and real estate. The KPC group regularly hosts influential events to promote positive change for the advancement of our community. These events provide prestigious professionals with a forum in order to promote positive reforms.

Brian Calle is the Opinion Editor for the Orange County Register, Press-Enterprise and the co-host of Fox 11’s special election broadcast “ You Decide Socal 2014.” You may have seen some of Brian’s commentary on some of the most well known media channels such as Forbes, Bloomberg News, Fox News, PBS, C-Span, Real Clear Politics, City Journal, Human Events, the Daily Caller, Fox and Hounds Daily and other publications. Brian Calle is well known for his active work against human trafficking. Brian holds his Master’s degree from the University of Southern California and is a political figure that maintains his values and is passionate about helping the community.

Brian was invited on April 20th, 2015 to the Chaudhuri Circle in Hemet, CA. In attendance, Brian Calle promoted positive shaping of the Southern California community, specifically Riverside County. Despite all of Brian’s success he creates time to give back to the community and influence the value of positive political writing. He utilizes writing to express the impact that politics can have on supporting local communities.

Kali Chaudhuri promotes and supports local talents that strive to shape California’s communities into thriving cities. Kali Chaudhuri and Brian Calle, similarly uphold values that demonstrate the importance of education, purposeful legislation, and assisting the community. On Friday evening Brian Calle and the KPC group connected to promote their efforts to influence powerful positive change for the future of California. Kali Chaudhuri and the KPC Group hosted the event to further their efforts of fulfilling the needs of the people while contributing to the improvement of the community.

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